Types of Careers in Finance

Have you ever wondered what the different types of finance jobs available are?  Have no clue what credentials are needed to be an analyst, a trader, or a compliance officer?  Or, perhaps you’re curious about the average compensation for the various jobs in finance?  Well CSI has a great tool for you to use.

It’s called the “Financial Service Career Map”.  It’s an interactive page that lets you browse the many different opportunities in finance.  It gives a detailed description of each position, the responsibilities of that position, the average pay scale, and the required and recommended credentials and courses for that position.

The chart is split into four main areas: 1) Retail, 2) Back Office, 3) Institutional/Corporate, and 4) Middle Office.  As an example, I think I would like to be a financial analyst.  To find this on the chart, I would click on “Institutional/Corporate” –> “Institutional (Securities)” –> “Research” –> “Research Analyst”.  Here I would see a description of the job, some key responsibilities, the average pay scale of $100,000 to $150,000, and that the CFA designation is a required or recommended course.

This is a great tool for kids coming out of high school. It lets them see a map of the possibilities out there.  It would allow for great planning towards getting other credentials completed while still in school.  It’s also great for University students.  It lets them see what key responsibilities each position requires.  This could help you plan which classes to take or even help you focus on a minor.  And it is obviously very useful for the graduate or professional who wants to add credentials to start or change their career.

So take a look the tool.  Play around and see the different possibilities.  Who knows, maybe you’ll see something you like.

To visit CSI and use the tool, click on the following link: Financial Services Career Map

Thanks for reading and good luck out there!


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