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The Trouble with the University Financial Model

I recently listened to a “Bloomberg on the Economy” podcast with special guest Gary Shilling, which talked about the current state of student loans, the financial models used by universities, and the effect on the economy. I found the interview had a few very interesting topics including: university education not providing the skills needed for […]

Types of Careers in Finance

Have you ever wondered what the different types of finance jobs available are?  Have no clue what credentials are needed to be an analyst, a trader, or a compliance officer?  Or, perhaps you’re curious about the average compensation for the various jobs in finance?  Well CSI has a great tool for you to use. It’s […]

Changing your Strategy to Land a Finance Job

The career landscape has changed.  It has become extremely difficult to get a job out of University.  Students now face the challenges of competing for jobs with a larger domestic pool of educated individuals, increased foreign talent, and seniors returning back to work because their retirement funds have been depleted due to the great recession.  […]