When you come to the end of a job interview and you are asked “Do you have any questions for me?” are you prepared with the right questions to ask? This is one part of the interview process that a lot of people just simply forget to prepare for.  This is unfortunate because it is […]

One of the strongest indicators for a financially successful company is return on equity, or simply ROE.  ROE is a great tool for investors because it shows you what the return is on the portion of the company that belongs to equity.  It is a simple calculation that quickly summarizes the ability of management to […]

The resume application world has changed a lot in the past 10 years.  The majority of the jobs available these days require you to submit your resume online.  This makes it easy for the applicant because you don’t have to get dressed up and go to the physical location of the business.  This might sound […]

It has become my morning ritual to wake up, head downstairs, grab a drink, grab my iTouch, lie down on the couch, put my headphones on, and listen to a good podcast for 30 minutes to an hour.  If you have an iPod or iPhone and you are not listening to podcasts, then you are […]

In our third installment of the Modern Portfolio Theory series, we will be constructing the Capital Allocation Line, or CAL.  In a way, the CAL is an extension of the efficient frontier.  CAL takes into account a risk-free asset.  In theory there is no risk free asset, so we use what is known as a […]

You’ve heard it all over the news; the Euro Debt Crisis.  We know it is serious and it could affect millions of people in Europe, here in Canada, and throughout the world.  But, have you ever sat back and asked yourself, “What is the Euro Debt Crisis really all about?”  If you are unfamiliar with […]

I recently listened to a “Bloomberg on the Economy” podcast with special guest Gary Shilling, which talked about the current state of student loans, the financial models used by universities, and the effect on the economy. I found the interview had a few very interesting topics including: university education not providing the skills needed for […]